Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mega Man 9 Is Full of Phonies

If you count downloadable content, it turns out that Mega Man 9 has a ninth Robot Master, it turns out: the below law enforcement bot.

Extra stuff to do in a video game is always welcome, I say. However, I’m put off a bit that this mechanical Joe Friday has been introduced to the world as “Fake Man.”

The hell?

A history of Robot Masters whose names have evoked various explosions, natural disasters, weapons of mass destruction, and general ouchiness and the best name Capcom can come up with for this bonus boss is the incomprehensible “Fake Man”? Apparently, in the game’s story, Fake Man is explained as a phony, Dr. Wily-created police robot that arrests Dr. Light in the opening cinema. But wouldn’t “Police Man” have been better? Or “Copper Man”? “Fuzz Man”?

A random note: As a result of ceaseless web browsing, I know that there exists a popular manga and spinoff anime by the name of FAKE. It happens to concern gay cops. Coincidence?

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  1. Maybe it's a situation like how Proto Man was originally called "Break Man."

  2. Well, they do rhyme. I never really understood where they got "Break Man" from, anyway. He neither broke anything nor provided anyone any sort of relaxation.

  3. Didn't he break through some of the floors barring Mega Man's progress through the stages?