Monday, May 12, 2008

Stand Up for Anteater Rights

Both members of Brooklyn-based power couple Sanaemon saw fit to give me a heads-up about notable online anteater goings-on of the past few days. The male half did so with the explanation "anteaters blowing up on" Not literally.

Notable cyberanteater unit one (a.k.a. "fuck you" anteater):

And notable cyberanteater unit two, (a.k.a. "anteaters in sweaters" and courtesy of

Sanam and Aemon, in case you wanted to know, live in Brownstone that reportedly looks just like the Cosby house — which would make sense, seeing as how they are raising two scene-stealing moppets named Rudy and Olivia, respectively. (Eldest daughter Sondra moved out.)

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