Friday, May 9, 2008

Kid Icarus: A Kid No Longer?

The video game whose title lent itself long ago to my AIM screen name and, subsequently, the URL of this blog, is rumored to appear soon in a new Wii game — his first starring role since the Game Boy title Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. This is the Kid Icarus protagonist — whose name, most people don’t realize, is “Pit” and not actually “Kid Icarus” — looked like in his NES glory days.

concept art on the left; considerably less detailed in-game sprite on the right

And here’s his updated appearance, as per the recent Nintendo battle royale Super Smash Bros. Melee.

vaguely olsen twin-like

And here’s what he’s rumored to look like in the alleged Factor 5 reboot to the series.

meet beefcake icarus

Well, it’s technically just one take on what Pit might look like, but it’s altogether wrong, in my opinion, for a video game hero whose list of foes include someone named “The Eggplant Wizard.”

[ Source: NeoGAF, via Nintendo Wii Fanboy ]

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  1. As soon as I read your title, I wondered idly if they gave him to Samus as a love interest.

    But yes, I can see how this development must be irksome. I don't have the same nostalgic attachment to Pit as you, but even I think turning him from an armed Cherub to one of the Angels of the apocalypse seems off.