Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stereotypical Nostalgia Color

While home last, I found some old photos that I don't remember taking. I'm sure that I must have been the photographer, however. No one else would have bothered with these unpopulated landscapes of the area around the house, much less have kept them in a box with a handful of unrelated papers and pointless keepsakes.

Not sure when these photos would have been taken. The back reads "Kodak — Official Sponsor of the Olympic Games," so I'd guess somewhere around the 1992 or 1996 Summer Olympics, though they could have easily been in 1994 or 1998, I guess. Ten seems about right, though, for the age I would have gotten my hands on my first camera. I scanned the photos and cropped them on Photoshop, but I didn't alter the color. What you see is what I found in the box and what I must have taken so many years ago. I'd guess I put sunglasses in front of the lens to get the color, which, you'll notice, makes them look like a flashback in a movie. They are a flashback, to be trite about it. And the areas they depict no longer look like this, with some trees being taller, some having been chopped down. No idea where I found that sunflower, though.






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  1. I love those pictures! You took them so well.