Monday, April 17, 2006

Deja Vu in Reverse, NZ/OZ-Style

NOTE: This is a backdated post that I wrote in 2010. After putting up the photos from my 2010 trip to New Zealand, I realize that I’d neglected to put up any photos from my 2006 trip. So now I’m putting them up, for posterity’s sake, or something. Enjoy.

The Maori monument at One Tree Hill:

the monument at one tree hill

A stuffed elephant (or taxidermied pachyderm, if you well) at the Auckland Museum:

stuffed elephant at auckland museum

Stuffed waterfowl (enclosed in glass to prevent their escape) at Auckland Museum:

row of stuffed birds

And one of my favorite things spotted during the whole trip, the sign for Auckland’s mysterious and quite likely sinister Department of Doing:

confusing sign

More to come.

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