Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Did What I Did for Maria

No real theme here, but some worthwhile snapshots nonetheless. This is us between Rotorua and Waipukurau. But why do I even give context when your eyes have already drifted down from the text to the photos below?

fantail falls

burnt-out old car 2

kristen driving at sunset

sunset in napier

large ape climbing over a building

And to close off this mismatch, here’s a park fountain that looks like a birthday cake.

birthday cake fountain

This is a backdated post that I wrote in 2010. After putting up the photos from my 2010 trip to New Zealand, I realize that I’d neglected to put up any photos from my 2006 trip. So now I’m putting them up, for posterity’s sake, or something. Enjoy.

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