Friday, April 21, 2006

Snapshots from the End of the World

The appropriately named Hell’s Gate offered us scenic beauty, if you take “scenic beauty” to meat sulfur-scorched earth the likes of which you’d normal expect to see in a scifi movie.

hell's gate 1


hell's gate 2

hell's rock formations

cracked mud

See? If we had been in a video game, I would have said we would been coming up on the last boss. But that’s not to say that the people who try to market this netherworld-on-earth don’t have a sense of humor about it.

sign at hell's gate

In the below image, I have to call attention to the fact that that no trespassers was spared the wrath of the boiling mud, not even the parent and child who dared to stray from the path.

morbid warning sign

Mud says “blorp.”


And trees grow upside-down, apparently.

upside-down tree

NOTE: This is a backdated post that I wrote in 2010. After putting up the photos from my 2010 trip to New Zealand, I realize that I’d neglected to put up any photos from my 2006 trip. So now I’m putting them up, for posterity’s sake, or something. Enjoy.

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