Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mr. Tarlton’s Mild Ride

This is a backdated post that I wrote in 2010. After putting up the photos from my 2010 trip to New Zealand, I realize that I’d neglected to put up any photos from my 2006 trip. So now I’m putting them up, for posterity’s sake, or something. Enjoy.

Yes, we were sucka tourists and went to Kelly Tarlton’s. I suppose it wouldn’t have seemed like such a tourist trap had KrisDina and I not grown up in Northern California and therefore had ready access to the Monterey Bar Aquarium. But we did and all other places to view underwater life were basically spoiled as a result. Nontheless, some pictures:

A pufferfish says hello.

(profile) attempt at pufferfish 2

A male seahorse nearly collapses under the weight of the babies his wife tricked him into carrying.

pregant male sea horse

A notable advantage that Kelly Tarlton’s has over the aquarium in Monterey, of course, is that the former has penguins. Actually, Monterey may have them to, but seeing them waddling around in a simulation of their natural frosty habitat was fun. PENGUINS!

hug the penguin

look at the penguin

mas penguinos!

The same day as Kelly Tarlton’s, we went out to seafood in the Viaduct Basin. And though it was good, we were a little surprised and confused to find a tiny crab hitchhiking in one of our mussels. We did eat the mussel. We did not eat the crab.

tiny crab

tiny crab, again

The pincher, pinched.

pincher, pinched

In general, I prefer my shellfish edibles to come one-to-a-shell.

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