Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Alias That You've Been Living Under

A quickie: Back in Townsville, we went to the Billabong Animal Sanctuary. No relation to the surf company. I hugged a kangaroo. I saw a single, naked foot emerge from a mama wallaby's pouch. I played with small rain forest kangaroos called pademelons. I saw squirrel gliders. And, yes, I finally saw a cassowary. Turns out they're a bit of a road hazard here and occasionally you'll see a road sign depicting the silhouette of one of these massive birds against a yellow triangle. According to our travel book, they can disembowel with a flick of their toenail.

We drove up from Townsville to Cairns, fording a river Oregon Trail-style in the process. In another Nissan Pulsar, no less. Tomorrow: Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation. And the day after that: the long flight home.

Wish me luck.

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