Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Judge’s Feet

My post from yesterday about the sad, obvious plot to steal my Google password got me thinking about concerns people may have about online security, in particular the kind of people who tend to use Google by asking questions. You know — instead of Googling “buy tickets michael bolton concert” they’d type in “where can i buy tickets to a michael bolton concert and also maybe sting is there too?” Yes, I think we know what kind of demographic we’re talking about. Thus, I’m posting this basically just to see what kind of traffic I get.
Why should I not post my social security number online?

How can I tell if my identity has been stolen by the internet?

Why did Nigerians take all my money?

Where can I find a support group for people who lost all their money to craft Nigerians?

Why is Gmail asking me to email my password?

Why is Gmail asking me to send in all my credit card numbers to see if one of them is lucky?

Why is Gmail asking me to send pictures of my bottom?

How did the crafty Nigerians get pictures of my bottom?

Where can I meet eligible, exiled Nigerian princes locally?

Where can I find naked pictures of Connie Chung? 
 Okay, that last one was neither here nor there, but I’m still interested to see how many people are interested in naked Connie Chung.

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