Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Short, Unpleasant Story About a Bathroom

The men's room in my office had been rendered less usable by virtue of the fact that the door handle sticks, making entry difficult. This itself seems only marginally problematic to me, because if you just jiggle it a little, it'll open, to use a famously easy-to-say, hard-to-understand phrase, though I do wonder where all the defeated would-be bathroom-users went when they concluded that they could not use the facilities as desired. But it's more baffling that the management's solution was to simply remove the door handle altogether, creating a nice, wrist-sized space connecting the bathroom and the hallway. Not only could any passerby look in, but other sensation-inducing entities can get out and taint the hallway in a way that reminds us why we invented doors in the first place. Worst of all? Though one can now enter the bathroom simply by pushing on the door -- it swings in, you see -- the only way to open the door from inside, now, is to stick your finger into the knob-hole, dig it into the meat of the door (so to speak) and give it a good tug towards you. It's absolutely obscene, and I feel dirty just having described it.

This is why I don't use the work bathroom anymore.

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