Thursday, May 06, 2010

How It Feels Sometimes

Something I made. Excuse the inherent geekiness of the metaphor, but it’s apt.


Only sometimes.


  1. If they're moving platforms against the wall there, up and down, it's doable. If somewhat a bitch.

    In life as in Mario, the answer is to keep trying, again and again, until you're gritty-eyed and on the verge of madness, trying anything that comes to mind, making your brain flop like a trout in a bucket, hoping that just maybe there's a bug you can exploit - hanging in there until it's done.

    Stuff like this is designed to weed out casual gamers / life-players. It's not designed to stop *you*.


    Oh, and I'd totally hack the code and give myself a Bionic Commando grapple. Then it'd be easy. This also works in real life - perhaps even literally, depending on the context.

  2. Looks like someone needs a P-Wing!