Friday, May 28, 2010

Knott Appropriate for Children

One of several sources of childhood torment: these two pages from some storybook I picked up at Knott’s Berry Farm as a kid. It’s about bears. Berry? Bear? Get it?

When I scanned the book, I didn’t actually read it, so I have no idea where the bears are going or why their party wagon is full of frogs, which aren’t homophonic with anything that goes into pies. But it’s clear that they took a wrong turn into Stormy Mountain and Weird Woods, neither of which are likely Greenland- or Iceland-like misnomers. In any case, those trees once scared the hell out of me to the point that I’d flip past them as quickly as possible.

Maybe that’s why I can’t remember critical parts of the plot.


  1. A perfect example of what TV Tropes would consider 'Nightmare Fuel'

  2. The young me certainly thought so.

  3. They were headed to the county fair I believe. as for the frogs they were headed to come kind of Frog style jumping contest in that same fair. I remember this how or why? My brother had this same book I believe