Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Robot Master Random Generator

In response to my news about Mega Man 9, the keeper of the blog Crummy has posted a nifty doodad he's calling Mega Man MMVIII. It supposes that the 2,008th sequel couldn't possibly feature any halfway decent Robot Master bosses and consequently creates new ones by affixing random nouns and adjectives onto "man" or, less often, "woman." Here's what I got.

For those of you who haven't previously played a Mega Man game, understand that each game begins with a stage selection screen like the one above, with Mega Man's face in the middle of a three-by-three grid of the game's bosses. I'm most amused by the less-than-terrifying Badinage Man and Humbleness Man, but I have to point out that I think we all know a Kerbside Woman.

Crummy, by the way, was the site responsible for the Eater of Meaning.

1 comment:

  1. You know, Igloo Man actually sounds pretty good! Like, you fight him in a giant igloo and he makes chunks of the ceiling fall on you! Also, maybe Attack Man could attack with the weapons of all the previous robot masters. On the others, I got nothing.