Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Delay! Act Now! Third Urgent Suggestion!

It has come to my attention that some of your regulars have not yet offered a suggestion for the abstract music suggestion game, especially the four of you who participated in the first go-around and did such a good job with it. (Meg H., Bri, Pedro, Dina — I'm looking at you.) I'm aiming to post responses on Monday. If you have any inclination to play, please do so now. Click the link back to the post and leave a comment.

Do it!

[ The post in question: "Dark Socks Beneath My Goody Two Shoes" ]


  1. There. Done. Also, while is, I'll admit, a far better and more succinct name than phlubum - I actually blogged the other day. Twice! Two times! Because I'm unemployed now and watch Bravo all day and have no excuses.

  2. It took me some time to think of something, but I finally got around to responded. I'm eager to see the results from everybody's request.

  3. Okay you all. My responses to the music suggestions are finally up. Do have a look.