Friday, June 20, 2008

Not as Dead as Steven's Pool Party

I’d like to think that I’m better synchronized with the pop culture zeitgeist than the next aging hipster. I had reason to grasp onto this belief a little more tightly today when I read a Hollywood Reporter article about Robert Smigel’s attempt to reboot The Match Game only a weeks after I spent a day engrossed in all things Match Game after that Saturday Night Live parody of it. What makes this reinvented game show more interesting than, say, that new version of Hollywood Squares — which made all those people stab themselves in the brain, with garden trowels, through the mouth — is that Smigel has the good sense to get genuinely cool people to sit in as celebrity panelists: Norm MacDonald, Sarah Silverman, Rashida Jones, Scott Thompson, Niecy Nash, among others. Not completely out of rum-soaked has-been territory, but at least in a better sort of neighborhood.

Bonus credibility: Completely separate from the hipster comedy Match Game, that “It’s a Match” sketch became more relevant to me in the past week when I bought a DVD set of the first few episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. The show is weird, in good ways and in bad ways, but that’s a discussion that deserves its own post. More to the point here is that MH2 stars Debralee Scott — Sarah Annette Boob herself. I honestly didn’t expect I’d ever have first-hand experience with this person so soon after learning she existed.

Ha ha. “Boob.” Unusual but appropriate surname.

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