Thursday, June 12, 2008

Foxes Mate for Life

Blog find: Hi From Work, in which people say just that, from just there. And they don't so much say hi and just smile and hold up signs that say hi. Simple enough, right? Possibly everybody already knows about this, but it's new to me regardless. I enjoy it, especially because two people who I know are on it, saying hi from work.

Hi from Hillary.

Hi from Stephanie.

Personally, I feel like they're both saying hi to me specifically, but that's all a matter of perspective, I suppose. Also, there's a hi from a cat named Mr. Pants, which held special significance for me.

This may or may not be cooler than another associate's appearance on

EDIT: Maybe I am the last to know about this. In the time it took to put up the above post, Betsy's work showed up too.

Hi Betsy!

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Mystery somewhat solved. The whole website is Hillary's baby. It started just a few days ago. Hi!


  1. Mr. Pants!!

    Are we speaking of the same...Mr. Drew Fancy + Mr. Drew Pants?

  2. Kinda sorta. Me and Mr. Pants have an odd, complicated history.