Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Potential Names for the Monster From It Follows

We’re well past the weekend, but my mind is still on that movie, still wondering about answers to questions that probably don’t have answers. In talking about It Follows, I realize we don’t know what to call the thing that relentlessly, anonymously follows its victims. While I would like to call it an It Follows in the same way that I like to call the thing from Cloverfield a Cloverfield, I feel we can do better.

Here are options to referring to it.

The Plodder

The Clomper

The Lumberer

The One Who Moseys


Dr. Trots

Alice Walker

The Shambling Terror

Walky McSexmonster

“Mom, What Are You Doing Here?”

Death Pedestrian

Death Pedestrian is also a good band name, of course.

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