Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sally Takes a Bow

From the Dick Van Dyke Show episode “Stacey Petrie, Part 1”:

The imagined context:

“Hey listen, Rose Marie, I know you’re disappointed about Mary being the big female draw on the show and how all the chatter is about her being lovely and wifely and pretty and charming and then we made Sally a flat, dateless wonder. But we have a compromise for you: bows. We thought it would be a nice character touch for you — and Sally too, really — if you always wore bows on the show. And here you’ll be wearing a bow so big it will look like you were shrunk down to subhuman-size — like you some sort of living doll wearing human-scale accessories. People will be like, ‘Yeah, that Mary Tyler Moore is great, but what about the chick in the bow?’ That will be your thing. But just don’t go outside with the bow on, because we did a test run on the assistant wardrobe girl and holy cow! She just walked outside and the wind whipped her over the embankment and she looked like she was hurt pretty good. And maybe don’t wear the bow between takes because the bow-maker said it could permanently damage your vertebrae. Anyway, you’re going to enter the scene and everyone is going to be like, ‘Ew, look at Sally in her stupid bow. How old is she supposed to be really?’ But don’t take that personally, because it’s about the bow. Oh, and the wardrobe girl totally died. So maybe send some flowers. It was a pretty windy day, I guess.”

And it’s not the only time the Dick Van Dyke Show suffered from off-the-mark styling:

I... I don’t even know what that’s supposed to be up there.

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