Friday, May 16, 2014

Lizard Misty and Other Saturday Morning Surprises

For reasons I cannot explain even to myself, I continue to watch Saint Saiya, an 80s anime, and I continue to compile its baffling sexual imagery for your personal entertainment. You’re welcome. The following supercut takes us to episode 25 or so, and it may well be the gayest thing you see this week,

Of particular note: two separate bare bottoms (both male), falling in love with a woman you acknowledge looks exactly like your own brother, more Death Queen Island, fisting, [suggestive grunts], just the oddest dialogue choices coupled with the oddest line-readings, and a staggeringly gay big bad named Lizard Misty who is (a) not female, despite the fact that he looks like Princess Peach and is clearly wearing lip gloss; (b) a legitimately powerful foe, irrespective of his effeminacy; and (c) doesn’t perspire so much as radiate homoeroticism.

A lady, just a biologically male lady.

Saint Seiya and the weird sexy, previously:

And for a detailed breakdown of the extended gayfight in that last one, click here.

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