Monday, February 3, 2014

Tempo & the Increasingly Troubled Clef

a piacere (“to your pleasure”)

brioso (“lively”)

agitato (“excitedly”)

gentilmente (“gently”)

intimo (“intimately”)

adagissimo (“very slowly and calmly”)

affrettando (“rushed and nervous”)

fuocoso (“fiery”)

irato (“angrily”)

furioso (“furiously”)

bruscamente (“bluntly and abruptly”)

martellato (“as if struck with a hammer”)

decrescendo (“gradually decreasing in volume”)

con dolore (“with pain”)

grave (“seriously”)

pesante (“heavy”)

lontano (“distantly”)

lacrimoso (“mournfully”)

lamentoso (“with lamentation”)

tremolo (“trembling”)

notturno (“like a nocturne, as if intended for night”)

al fine (“to the end”)

espirando (“dying away”)

pianississimo (“as softly as possible”)

senza espressione (“without expression”)

estinto (“extinguished”)

al niente (“to nothing”)

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