Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Deep Red (But Mostly Chartreuse, Taupe and Umber)

Back in October, in apparent preparation for Halloween, I posted a collection of stills from Suspiria, Dario Argento’s gorgeously colorful 1977 slasher movie. I wanted to prove that it’s beautiful, I suppose, but that’s no difficult task: Nearly every scene is a nicely composed, color-saturated work of art.

Today, in apparent preparation for… St. Patrick’s Day, I guess, I offer you a collection from Argento’s film immediately before Suspiria: Deep Red, also known as Profondo rosso. It’s more restrained, more noir, and its color palette skews more ’70s. You see less of the pure red, blue and green of Suspiria and more colors filtered with yellow — which is appropriate, considering it’s a giallo. Lack of Technicolor surrealism notwithstanding, Profondo rosso is still a beautiful film.

And here are a bunch of stills that prove this claim.

dario argento profondo rosso

dario argento deep red

profondo rosso film stills

deep red film stills

profondo rosso screencaps

deep red screencaps

profondo rosso screengrabs

deep red screengrabs

Also, I enjoy how the film ends by reminding you what film you were watching, just in case you’d gotten confused.

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