Sunday, February 9, 2014

Potential Back of the Cereal Box Spin-off Projects

Back of the Empirical Box
(the latest scientific findings from the Drew Mackie labs)

Back of the Venereal Box
(in which I reveal my inadequate working knowledge of human sexuality)

Back of the Muriel Box
(chicks named Muriel, I guess)

Back of the Serial Box
(soap operas and murderers, together at last)

Back of the Burial Box
(in which I help you plan your dream funeral)

Back of the Ethereal Box
(haikus about spiderwebs)

Back of the Boreal Box
(up-to-date ski condition info for the northlands)

Back of the Surreal Box
(mouthwash jukebox gasoline)

Back of the Immaterial Box
(you’re like “Oh, look at this blog,” and then it’s just GONE)

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