Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Developers Shouldn’t Name Streets, Part Two

I’ve previously used this blog to gripe about lame street names that seem to evoke a sort of nature that housing developments often prevent, if not outright eliminate. No matter, I guess, since it’s a phony nature anyway. Today, however, I found a doozy while doublechecking a Santa Barbara street name.

hubba hubba lane santa barbara

Yes, Hubba-Hubba Lane, which is only mildly better than Hubba Bubba Lane, which doesn’t exist. Live on Hubba-Hubba Lane? Work from home? Get a P.O. box, pronto, or risk having your business cards disseminated as novelties. What may well be the most oddly named street in Santa Barbara hasn’t escaped the notice of the online world, as it’s included in this cycling forum’s list of memorable street names.

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