Saturday, April 25, 2009

“A” Is for Aubsasca

Two perspectives on the best game of Scrabble I have ever played, the first being a more artistic view offered from a real camera and the second offering an iPhone’s view of the words themselves.



In case it’s not evident, we burned the rules down to the ground and built them up in a fashion that suited our mental state after the drive from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs: Make up any word, so long as it’s pronounceable, and then say what you think it should mean. If I remember correctly, we started with breoj and it degenerated from there. I can’t say for sure what any of these words actually meant, save for weaqif, which I’d rather not discuss here.

And while I usually do post something about strange and wonderful words on Saturdays, the real word will have to wait until tomorrow.

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