Monday, April 7, 2008

Of All the Abbreviations

Nearly forgot.

We ran a story last week that mentioned the San Francisco-based law firm Morrison & Foerster, an institute which I only have awareness of by virtue of its web address, Yes, "mofo." I can only imagine that the other meaning of the term "mofo" has been brought to the senior partners' attention and that they chose to keep the web address.

This makes me happy.


  1. In an odd coincidence, I have worked with that firm. And my office was genuinely amused by their bad-ass web domain.

  2. So you're telling me you were a mofo employee?

  3. Having happened upon your blog I've been reading back posts to procrastinate studying for my Evidence final, because, you see, I'm a law student. And, as such, I've interviewed with Mofo and can tell you that not only are they aware of the nickname, they're quite proud of it. In fact, I'm fairly certain its the only reason some of my fellow law students want to work there...

  4. Nice. Glad to hear they own it.

    Out of curiosity, how, may I ask, did you find my blog?

  5. I'm kind of a blogoholic, so when I'm procrastinating I look at blogs linked to in the other ones I read. I think I found yours from A Date in the Life.