Saturday, April 5, 2008

Coney Island Disco Palace

Holy handbasket — I think Blogger just revolutionized the way I run this here chunk of webspace by inventing a vaccination against blogging apathy, an affliction that lowered the number of worthwhile posts last month and which also was aptly described on another blog just a few days ago.

Two wonderful words: "Scheduled posting."

Basically, I can make the best of the days I feel the urge to write, schedule the posts to automatically appear at a certain time on a certain day and then go on autopilot while my blog appears nonetheless updated. Of course, this could potentially lead to an awkward situation in which Blogger Drew ends up dead or in a coma or lost at sea and his blog creepily posting new little nothings on pop culture minutiae all the while, but that's really more of a problem for you and less of a problem for me.

A kicker: I scheduled this post to go up ten whole minutes after I finished it. Can you imagine?

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