Saturday, May 12, 2007

Top Ten Band Names (Had I Talent)

Subject to change without notice.
  1. Eldest Daughter Sondra
  2. Drew Mxxxxx and the Macaroons
  3. Team Water
  4. Creamo and the Creampuffs
  5. What's In My Eye!
  6. Alphonso van Floof
  7. Drewbot Mackietron
  8. Pinchface
  9. Boo Boo Tannenbaum and the Dysfunctional Glass family
  10. Eaten by Mummies
Bonus eleventh: All-Jade Lunch Service


  1. i apologize that this is my second comment in a row to promote mike and his music, but this discarded band name is too good not to recommend for the list:

    mike dunkley and the dike munkleys

    oh and another terrible band name the LA gang came up with: radiohead tooth, or just radio tooth.

  2. plugging your man's band is what a good murder ho does best.

    well, that and murder.