Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eels in the Photo Booth, Part Two

In reference to the previous post, Spencer Googled "eels in the photo booth" and found, a website devoted entirely to the phenomenon of people crawling into these weird machines and having their picture taken. The site catalogues instances of photo booths appearing on television shows, including the recent episode of The Simpsons in which Lisa is attacked by eels while trying out a one at a run-down shopping mall.

The evidence:


Because the site is fairly comprehensive, it also includes a personal favorite: the photo booth sheep attack from Arrested Development.


Come to think of it, despite that Arrested's film strip has five images and the one from The Simpsons has four, these so damn close I'd almost wager Lisa's attack is a reference to Buster's.

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  1. somehow i'm not surprised that when I searched for "simpsons eels in the photobooth" you were the first thing to come up.
    it made me happy.

  2. Good to know where I stand on Google, I guess. And, yes, this blog seems to cater to those looking into The Simpsons lately.