Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dum Daro Dum

I am not dead, contrary to what the level of recent blog activity might indicate. I'm writing this from a tiny, cold place called Franz Joseph Village. Glaciers and all that. We left Queenstown, the self-proclaimed adventure sport capital of the world, yesterday morning, when we were all just a bit sore from bungy jumping and a jet boat outing on a river named "Shotover." Grammatical note: people in New Zealand spell "bungy" however they feel like: "bungee," "bunjee," "bunjy," bunjie," "bungie." Who's even in a position to say they're right?

In three days, I'll be in Syndey.

The only one of us to successfully get photos online is Dina. I suggest that you all visit Dina's Flickr account here. It's not much yet, but it documents (a) me with short hair and (b) what the whole Shotover experience looked like. More to come, I promise.

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