Saturday, March 4, 2006

Where Women Glow and Men Plunder

i know it's late and it's for the best, since i won't be able to sleep on the plane anyway. this will be my last entry written in california for six weeks. it occurred to me just today that this trip has the potential to extend beyond a mere vacation and turn into one of those huge deals where a person goes on his own to the place his family comes from and learns something about himself. and that makes me want to gag and cry at the same time. (only, yes, kris-dina will be there too, but i can't pretend they're not, if i chose.) i can't believe how much i'm leaving on hold here in california and i'm pissed at how much i didn't get to do before i left. i guess you will all have to wait to hear my fun stories about the duck pond or how spencer and i veronica marsed our way into a tour of the hollister ranch. maybe i'll come back at those nagging little errands won't matter anymore. maybe i'll appreciate california more. maybe i'll appreciate life more. maybe i'll never watch "lost" again because i'm scared the plane will crash and who cares about claire's stupid baby anyway? and what of it if half of my loyal readership will be traveling with me? and what if i can't bear to be away? and what if i miss the lynx kitten more than i would have ever guessed?

wish me luck.

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