Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tipsy Imperial Concubine (Parentage Unknown)

Yesterday, the sun was hot enough that we could justify spending the day at Bondi Beach, a famous surf spot with infamous riptides. We did not surf. I only toed the water and found that it was as cold as it is in Santa Barbara, though the temperature here would be measured in degrees Celsius, which makes me think it was even colder. Today, it's raining again and I think we will go to the Sydney art museum.

The only point I have worth noting is that the bus ride home from Bondi afforded us an opportunity to overhear and obnoxious American tourist -- the kind that defames all Americans away from their homelands -- loudly discussing her personal life, much to the chagrin of everyone on the bus. Topics overheard include that her boyfriend looked "just like Justin Timberlake, like his twin or something," that said boyfriend lost a ton of weight after this dumped him ("he looked anorexic or something"), that her friend's ring was "cute, but maybe too cute," that "it's totally crazy that they call bell peppers 'capsicum' here," that her friend is not a big enough bitch, that her iPod broke and she's mailing it back to her parents to get it fixed and then sent back again so she can listen to music, because "it's way hard to find good music." The then countered her previous statement by repeatedly singing the first line form the chorus of James Blunt's "Beautiful."

All statements were voiced in the stereotypical sorority rasp. Chatter was constant. I prayed that she might somehow die of kidney failure before my stop. My prayers were not answered.

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