Monday, February 7, 2005

Musica Geodesica

A CD that I just burned.
  1. Goldfrapp - "Train"
  2. Chromeo - "Rage!"
  3. E.G. Daily - "Mind Over Matter"
  4.'s - "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield"
  5. Electric Light Orchestra - "Mr. Blue Sky"
  6. Luscious Jackson - "Ladyfingers"
  7. Mohammed Rafi - "Jaan Pehechan Ho"
  8. Julee Cruie - "Artificial World"
  9. Broadcast - "The Book Lovers"
  10. Captain Beefheart - "Her Eyes Are Blue a Million Miles"
  11. Icicle Works - "Birds Fly"
  12. Funki Porcini - "Sixteen Megatons"
  13. Pristeens - "Beat You Up"
  14. Grand Funk Railroad - "The Locomotion"
  15. Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 22"
  16. Electric Six - "Improper Dancing"
  17. Castaways - "Liar Liar"
  18. Clinic - "Welcome"
  19. Aneka - "Japanese Boy"
  20. Myrtle Hilo - "Lover's Prayer"
And I've mentioned Myrtle Hilo, Hawaii's singing cab driver, before in this journal. I haven't listened to her song since summer until today and I still think it's weirdly moving. The lyrics are simple but I think it might be the my favorite long song. So here again are those lyrics.
I do believe the lord above
Created you for me to love
He picked me out from all the rest
Because he knew I'd love you best
I once had a heart that was true
But now it's gone from me to you
Take care of it as I have done
For you have two and I have none
[something indecipherable about heaven]
I'll put your name on a golden spell
If you're not there by judgment day
I'll kow you went the other way
I'll give the angels back their wings
Their golden harps and all those things
And just to prove my love is true
I'll go hell to be with you
I dunno. Something about being willing to go to hell — that's to hell, not through hell — just for love is beautiful. Or horrible. I can't tell and I like that. And I like how casually she throws it into the song. It's nothing. Hell's nothing.


  1. Goldfrapp - "Train" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. this is completely my new favorite song. it has taken over my world. (excellent choice to grab the listener...esp me)
    Chromeo - "Rage!" this song embodies everything i love: exclamation points, motherfucking and 80's-ness oozing out of my ears.
    E.G. Daily - "Mind Over Matter" i shouldn't like this song as much as i do. it is going to be my dancing by myself song, cause it's brilliant. and i am brillliant too. (but i deserve an extra l)'s - "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield" this song makes me feel groovy and like strutting. but you can't strut and sit at the same time (though we all have our dreams in life)
    Electric Light Orchestra - "Mr. Blue Sky" this is sunshine in a song. or a blue sky. it depends on how you want to look at it.
    Luscious Jackson - "Ladyfingers" it brings a tear to my eye. like being in love, with a girl.
    Mohammed Rafi - "Jaan Pehechan Ho" saucy, chipper and sophisticated all in one.
    Julee Cruie - "Artificial World" aptly named.
    Broadcast - "The Book Lovers" dreamy and kinda creepy. i feel like i should be drinking wine during this song.
    Captain Beefheart - "Her Eyes Are Blue a Million Miles" that is the best name ever. beefheart.
    Icicle Works - "Birds Fly" i really like this song, with the quickness.
    Funki Porcini - "Sixteen Megatons" reminds me of a dark bar and a cigarette.
    Pristeens - "Beat You Up" this song sacres me at the moment, but i know it will grow on me and become a favorite. gimme a week.
    Grand Funk Railroad - "The Locomotion" haha. i thought this was a joke. but it's actually a pretty damn good song.
    Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 22" are you trying to get me in bed with you? cause it's working
    Electric Six - "Improper Dancing" my new fave electric 6 song.
    Castaways - "Liar Liar" a total trip to listen to on headphones. awesome.
    Clinic - "Welcome" very me.
    Aneka - "Japanese Boy" wtf? AMAZING!
    Myrtle Hilo - "Lover's Prayer" wow.

    i love it! thanks so much!

    now it's my turn to make you one. (though i doubt i can top this)

  2. drew.
    your cd is a problem for me.

    i am STILL up listening to it.