Sunday, February 27, 2005

Directions for Using an Emery Board

I am looking at a package of emery boards and the how-to-use instructions are ridiculously lengthy. I quote:
Nails should always be filed when dry to insure [sic] smooth edges. Place the emery board under the nail edge at a slant and file in one direction only. Back-and-forth filing will result in cracking and splitting. For best results, nails should be filed into an oval shape following the fingertip contour. Filing into a point weakens nail. The emery board has two distinct surfaces: a coarser side for shaping and a finer-textured surface for smoothing.
This is why I don't use such things. Too complicated. The last part is what really gets me:
Keep out of reach of children.
I know this is good advice for most things, but how much damage could a little kid do with Dr. Roger-brand emery boards?

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