Thursday, April 4, 2013

Twenty Free Movie Titles

The titles are self-explanatory, I feel. Take as needed. I don't need co-author credit on these, but if you want to tell people to go to my blog in your acceptance speech(es), that would be cool.

Six Kitchen Fights and an Explosion

The Absolute End of Michael Cera

The Cactus Who Loved Balloons

Now Who's an Invalid?

Fishes in Desperate Need of Bicycles


Mrs. Sperm Donor

The Sound of Mus-EEEEEEEEK!

Astrid Wildfern's Darkest Secrets

The Family That Slays Together

Revenge of the Manatees

Out of the Way, Mom!

Wilbur vs. Elmer

The Overripe Pear

Pantsless in Pasadena

Let's Make Ayn Rand Spin in Her Grave!

Hamlet on Stilts

When Pole Vaulters Find Love

Your Public Disgrace

The Family That Still Slays Together: Murderson Family Reunion!

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