Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Future Perfect, Round Two

Hi all.

You may recall that last week — or a paltry two posts ago, if you want to get snippy about my productivity — I asked you to read an article I wrote about Danny Heller, a painter here in L.A., in hopes that it would get enough sexy clicks to warrant being made into a short-form documentary. If it gets made, the world will get to learn a little more about the talented guy who makes paintings of midcentury modern architecture. They look like this:

Well, now this might actually happen, thanks to people like you and maybe thanks solely to people like you, for all I know: My piece and another article are facing off, head-to-head, and the one that gets the most votes will become the subject of the next documentary. In short, I’d like your votes, please. You can vote for my piece once a day, and the voting runs through Sunday. So please, if you have a spare second, can you click on over to the voting page and toss a vote my way? (That is, Danny’s way, since my name doesn’t appear on the voting page?)

Please click here and vote when you can.

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