Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Egg, Yam, Plant

Maybe it’s not surprising that Mae Whitman would return to the Bluthverse for the revived Arrested Development, but it’s welcome news, and I was happy to read it on Splitsider today. I was more impressed, however, with the footnote to the article:
It’s interesting that her name is the same as the character that George Michael really loved. Is this why the role was recast and Alessandra Torresani was replaced?
That is interesting to me, the guy who made a big list of Arrested Development name puns and name meta jokes but who didn’t recall that Maeby’s name is actually Mae. Did that ever come up again after the pilot?

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And yeah, it is odd that they’d end up making a love triangle for George Michael involving a character named Mae and an actress named Mae. I don’t know why Torresani got replaced, and the fact that this other actress happened to have the right name probably didn’t get her the job. The fact that she was already friends with Alia Shawkat, however...

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Torresani, meanwhile, still looks a lot like Whitman, to the point that you can really see that the casting people had a specific type in mind when they were looking for their Annhog. If the revived Arrested ever needs a less biblically inclined Veal sister, I have a suggestion. Speaking of the Veal family, ever wonder why Ann has that last name? It’s another joke about her being heavy and boring: anvil, as someone pointed out in a comment on by Arrested names post. Which, again, doy, “I just got that.” I an still finding punchlines to jokes set up almost ten years ago.

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