Sunday, May 13, 2012


I don’t want to be that guy, but it hasn’t to be said: Damn, that mannequin’s got some big ol’ jugs.

Like, really. I feel like every mannequin I’ve ever seen is fairly flat-chested, but this gal is showing off more that a lot of shirtless dummies would. I’m almost inclined to say that this photo captures something interesting, what with her in the center, this partial human form who’s anatomically different than most of her type. And then she’s flanked on either side by this disembodied mouths grinning meanly. And there’s the skeleton hanging in the background, reminding the shoppers — themselves partial human forms, as a result of the photo’s cropping — that no matter what they purchase at whatever discounted price, the item will likely persist long after they too die and become like the skeleton.

But naw — just them jugs. That’s the prevailing sentiment here. Jugs.

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