Sunday, May 20, 2012

Reactions I Have to Learning Someone Actually Saw Battleship

In no particular order:

“Oh, did you have a relative who was in it?”

“Did you, like, win a radio contest and the tickers were non-transferrable?”

“Did you have to see it for a class or something?”

“Are you a member of the Milton or Bradley families?”

“Was Avengers full?”

“Did you wander into the theater thinking you were going to see Avengers but then the movie started and you were already in the middle of crowded row and you felt awkward getting up and stepping over all those people, so you just stayed?”

“Were you mad at yourself that day?”

“Did someone post a Craigslist missed connection about you at the movie theater and you were trying to re-create the situation and Battleship just happened to be the movie that best fit in time-wise?”

“Were you on a scavenger hunt that tasked you with finding someone lacking any modicum of good taste or good sense?”

“No, but seriously — what did you do this weekend?”


  1. Come on! It cannot be that bad. I'm going to see it just to know what we are talking about. SX at least should be quite impressive.

    1. Hello. Are you a spambot? You have a name like a spambot. And I don't imagine it would be that bad. I just am unconvinced it could possibly be worth the time it would take to watch it.

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    It's actually a decent movie, provided you don't have high expectations.

    1. I actually don't have high expectations for it. I just value my time highly.