Saturday, July 23, 2011

They Bombed Their Smurfing Brains out

If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what Smurfette would look like as a mangled, charred corpse. Well, wonder no longer friends, because footage of this exact image exists!

This spot — which aired in 2009 on Belgian TV — was sponsored by UNICEF to raise awareness about African child soldiers. (The text at the end reads “Don’t let war destroy the children’s world.”) In this CBS news article, one of the ad folks who dreamed up the spot explained it this way: “We see so many images that we don’t really react anymore. In 35 seconds, we wanted to show adults how awful war is by reaching them within their memories of childhood.”

Credit for this find goes to the Topless Robot article “Eight Facts About the Smurfs That Are Surprisingly Interesting,” which also taught me that the late Smurfs creator, Peyo, seems to have detested Smurfette, in which case he probably wouldn’t have minded that her lifeless body is the only one you can really identify in the UNICEF spot.

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