Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Preserve Your Loved Ones in Marble!

Quickly now, two people I met at the Getty Villa:

First, Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars was there. I can only assume it’s a testament to the greatness of this show that even the Greeks were going on about it back in the day. (Carving busts out of marble is the ancient Greek equivalent of blogging, don’t you know.)

And yes, if Dick himself had been there, he would have made a “bust of a youth” joke.

And then this little bitch. It may sound harsh for me to call the child being represented here a bitch, but that’s actually how the Getty Villa labeled it in the brochure: “Little Bitch, Rome, A.D. 180-200 / The Early Bitchface Age.”

I can only guess that artisans of the day chose to re-create this awful little girl’s likeness in marble simply so their descendants could know what a little bitch she was.

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