Monday, April 18, 2011

Tryouts for the Human Race

Wikipedia articles of note:

“Cheese curds”Way more interesting than it sounds. Did you know that these dairy products squeak when bitten into? The New York Times describes the sound as “like balloons trying to neck.”

“Hannibal the swan” — perhaps the only waterfowl to be included in Wikipedia’s “serial killers” category. A quote: “After each attack, Hannibal would bring his son to view the aftermath while holding his wings up in celebration.”

“Sigrid the Haughty” — nothing ground-shaking here, but notable nonetheless for proving that a real-life, historical personage could be stuck with a name that makes her sound like a Hagar the Horrible character.

“The Obsorne Bull” — a sherry mascot that became the unofficial symbol of Spain.

“Foreign branding” — a listing of companies that either name products to sound foreign (and therefore better) or non-foreign companies that use English-style names.

“Handbra” — which apparently happens often enough to warrant a Wikipedia entry.

“Yvonne Hudson” — technically the first African-American woman to perform on Saturday Night Live, though she was never given anything notable to do and never acted again after being fired from the show in 1984.

“Whistle register” — what’s happening when Minnie Ripperton hits that high, high note in “Loving You.”


  1. Cheese curds are delicious. In Canada, we have a dish called poutine. Its basically french fries covered in cheese curds and hot, hot gravy. The gravy melts the curds over the fries, and it's simply amazing.

  2. I know! I actually found out about cheese curds after trying it for the first time. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why poutine would have never caught on more in the U.S. It's so many things that Americans love.

  3. 1. Like everything else, cheese curds also taste great when fried.

    2. The Japanese are really great at foreign branding, and some brands that come to mind are the Crunky bar (chocolate), Melty kiss chocolate, and the Bongo Friendee (a van). Of course, they find it amusing when we name things "samurai" or "ninja."

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Nice title. So, was the Moroder a gateway into the awesomeness of the Sparks?