Sunday, April 03, 2011

He Shoots What?

Um, check out the simian.

I know what Donkey Kong is doing here: He’s shooting bees from that jar, even though that’s not something he actually does in Donkey Kong 3. But I wish whoever designed the box art had chosen to color the jar differently then he colored D.K., because it’s a bit suggestive — and, consequently, a bit disturbing. Is this why Donkey Kong 3 wasn’t a success?

Suggestive apes, previously:


  1. Ha! No, the game's lack of success probably can be attributed to the fact that it's not nearly as fun as the original or Donkey Kong Jr. :(

  2. That' what I was going to say, Bryan. It's a bit too simplistic to be as fun as the original. Besides...who was this Sam guy? Where was Mario?

  3. Apparently Mario could be a plumber, a construction worker, a demolitions expert, or even a freaking doctor; but making him an exterminator would have been going too far.

  4. Bryan: No, you're totally right. The game just wasn't fun, nor was it all that Donkey Kong-like.

    Justin: Stanley. Not Sam. And yeah, I wonder why they brought in a new guy who pretty much looked exactly like the old guy.

    Nathan: I would have been find with Mario being the exterminator. But it's not Mario; it's his mustache-less lookalike, Stanley the Bugman, who has more or less never been seen again.

  5. I think Stanley is hanging out with Foreman Spike in the Hall of Forgotten Characters.

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