Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day of Thunder

A conversation that happened in my office today:
“Is Thor a god.” 
Me: “Yes, he’s a Norse god.” 
“Are you sure? The trailer made him look like an alien.” 
Me: “I am sure. He’s a god — the Norse god of thunder. We named Thursday after him.”

I mean, everyone knows that aliens don’t have magic hammers.


  1. In Earth-X, we learned that the Norse gods were actually really aliens kind of like the Skrulls who were sent from space to guard the planet and then took on the shape of whatever humans believed them to be.

    Earth-X was a great series.

  2. I seem to recall hearing something about how the director of the Thor movie wanted to make the Norse gods aliens instead of actual gods, but I have no idea if that idea survived. I'm sure Erich von Däniken would be glad to know his half-assed ideas are still popular, though.