Monday, March 21, 2011

The Moon’s Lamppost

Not sure which Wikipedia article I found most eerie and unsettling. First, there was the one on Crybaby Bridge, the urban legend trope of a bridge from which passersby can hear the crying of a phantom baby. From that page, I ended up on two that freaked me out even more. First, there was the one on melon heads, bulbous-noggined humanoids who supposedly lurk on certainly rural roads, waiting to assault normals. Actual quote from the article: “According to local lore, the melon heads were originally orphans under the watch of a mysterious figure known as Dr. Crow (sometimes spelled Crowe, Trubaino, Krohe or Kroh or known as Dr. Melonhead).” And then there was the one about Helltown, a town in Ohio allegedly beset with a haunted cemetery, a moving tree, satanist, the Ku Klux Klan, mutants (including a supersized python) and a highway that leads to Hell.

Sometimes Wikipedia is strange.

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