Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do Bears Come in the Woods?

At the time of its release, it made the rounds online, where it was met with much mockery. However, I was twice reminded of it recently: once while walking past a movie theater with Nate and again on this Pajiba post of the worst movie posters of 2010. And now I feel compelled to post it here, just in case not everyone had already seen it. Because it truly enriches the lives of all who view it.

Yup, it’s a promo poster for the new Yogi Bear movie but it also doubles as a gay sex joke. Honestly, I can’t imagine the people responsible for this wonderful collision of bears, the other kind of bears and implied anal sex could have not known how this would be read, or at least that whoever had final say — perhaps someone’s virginal, Mormon aunt, who does not watch movies but for some reason works in a place that makes advertisements for them — simply didn’t get the joke and everyone else just snickered along until the thing hit the presses. But come on — the grins, the convenient positioning of Yogi right behind Boo-Boo’s boo boo, the slogan “Great things come in bears,” (which is exactly what Yogi would be doing if he repeats this action with other ursine companions). Even the “Coming soon” at the bottom is suspect. And when I say “suspect,” I mean “guilty.” And when I say “coming,” I of course mean “filling with bear semen.”

And based on the reviews Yogi Bear got, I can also tell you that in seeing this image you’ve also seen the best thing about this movie, all without spending any money.

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