Wednesday, December 1, 2010

“That’s My Sister, Mister!”

Video games two days in a row. Who would have guessed?

Stumbling around online, I found a collection of backgrounds from the old Simpsons arcade game. I’m sure I’m not the only one who snuck away from family pizza outings to put a few quarters into this machine, and I vividly remember one grade school birthday party on which we decided to play the game through. (I was stuck playing as Marge. Hrm.) Anyway, these made for instant nostalgia — for pizza parties, for arcades, for those golden says of Simpsons-mania.

Some rather narrow selections:

And here are some of the stages in fuller form. Click, open and enjoy: Springfield Amusement Park, Springfield Cemetery, some sort of dream land that I actually don’t remember, and Channel 6 Studios.

And don’t forget Princess Kashmir, a chestier configuration of pixels than you remember seeing in a children’s game.

I can practically smell the combined aroma of pizza grease and quarters.

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