Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Does the Fox Make You Feel?

This is a Tibetan fox that recently appeared on the blog Fuck You, Penguin in a post titled “The Tibetan fox thinks he’s better than you.”

The image and the post were brought to my attention by someone who says this Tibetan fox has a people face — as in, it kind of looks like someone took a human and then Photoshopped his face onto the body of this animal to make a grotesque vulpine-human hybrid. I have to agree, though I couldn’t explain why: This animal does have a strange facial quality that gives him human-like characteristics. As a result of or maybe in spite of this, the animal also looks funny for reasons I can’t put my finger on. And that’s weird, because things that exhibit human-like characteristics make me uncomfortable more often than not. Does he look nervous? Imperious? A little sad? A little uncomfortable himself?

Would appreciate any comments on this fox’s accidental or deliberate human mimicry as well as on how you perceive his mental state.

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