Saturday, March 14, 2009

X-Ray Specs / Peace on Earth

Easily, the worst thing about non-Leap Year Februarys — and there is a lot to hate, when you really think about it — is that the first twenty-eight days of each subsequent March must necessarily consist of the same days of the week attached to the same dates. Seriously, who needs two Monday the Nineteenths back-to-back? It’s redundant. The matter is complicated somewhat when the non-Leap Year February happens to have a Friday the Thirteenth, which means there will be one in that next March as well as one in the following November. Three Friday the Thirteenths in one year? The worst. The worst. And for no reason related to the bad luck superstition. How do you feel about the prospect of enduring three days in one year in which coworkers and acquaintances can jokingly infer mortal danger to your every action? “What’s that, Drew? You’re going to get a sandwich? Better look out for left-handed cats on ladders!” Only insert your name where I put Drew. Seriously?

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