Monday, December 15, 2008

Up on the Rooftop Pine Trees Pause

Given the strength of the typical Joe’s cocktail, it would seem safe to assume if the below photo represents how I remember my time there instead of how it really was.

upside-down christmas

It would also be wrong, however, as the pictured Christmas tree does, in fact, reside upside-down on the roof as the result of a space-saving decoration scheme and not as the result of topsy-turvy levels of inebriation.

Here’s to holiday cocktails.

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  1. I learned from the Christmas music channel on my digital cable that hanging Christmas trees from the ceiling is apparently a very ancient practice, intended (somehow) to mimic the cross, thus allowing the household to show their Christianity in the face of paganism. More investigation is required regarding this trivia nugget, but its a pretty good trivia nugget nonetheless.